New article: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) er ikke din ‘Version 1’

In product development a misconception has begun to appear: That your Minimum Viable Product is also ‘Phase 1’ of your product – a product that you can ship to customers like any other. It isn’t. An MVP is a (not finished) early release of your product which you then reiterate and build upon based on user data and feedback.

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(The article is in Danish)

New article: Ny bog ude i dag: ‘#republic’ – kan lykketræf hjælpe medier og demokrati?

A new book by Cass Sunstein (author of ‘Nudge’ among others) argue that media (and social media) can do more to expose people to other types of content that they would normally see. Serendipity is a way to go. But Sunstein isn’t the first to make that suggestion.

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