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I am a journalist from the Danish School of Journalism (2007). I work in Ekstra Bladet’s development department.

Weekly recaps

I am the editor of our blog. My primary task on the blog is a weekly recap of the past week in media, technology and management.


Until recently, my main focus was the technical performance. If you are curious, I’ve written a little (in Danish) about our work with performance, especially at ekstrabladet.dk and how third party content affects it:

Journalism and media

Even though I don’t work as a journalist, I still write since, well, it’s what I do and something I enjoy. I mostly created this website to suite my own needs but I hope that others my find it useful, since I enjoy having active readers with something on their mind.

My articles are primarily about what I work with and have worked with for almost a decade: Journalism and the technology behind, around and in front of it. I believe that journalism is for the public and that publishers should make money to do better journalism, not do journalism to make more money.

In 2012 I started our editorial development team (development work with our journalists) with a colleague and I managed the team until 2013. Back then I wrote to posts (also in Danish) about our work:

I often write about journalism and media, especially on my Medieblogger.dk website. But I also write elsewhere, for instance when I wrote a blog post for Journalisten.dk (the magazine and website for Danish journalists, photographers and communicators) on how I think the media are using Facebook the wrong way.

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