New article: Skal Weekendavisen overhovedet være digital?

The Danish weekly newspaper ‘Weekendavisen’ has a new editor in chief. This has led to some talk about what the newspaper will/should do online, where it has a very small presence. I argue that Weekendavisen need to be very careful when/if they move online since digital content has a very different user experience and competitive conditions.

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(The article is in Danish)

New article: Vi skal sælge vores artikler på brugerbehovet, ikke formen

It doesn’t make sense, from a user perspective, to label an article with words like ‘Graphics’ in the headline to indicate that it contains certain types of content like visual storytelling etc. We need to focus more on what user need we are trying to address, not what form of journalism we are producing and trying to communicate.

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(The article is in Danish)

New article: Den Korte Avis-annoncerne viser problematikken på annoncemarkederne

A range of advertisers have removed their ads from Den Korte Avis, a website criticizing immigration. But if it is that important to them where they put their ads, why where they advertising there in the first place? The answer is that the complexity of the ad market means that many companies pays other companies to manage their ads – and thereby a large part of the communication and branding.

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New book review: Form fremtiden – Designledelse som innovationsværktøj

Design Management (or Design Thinking) is one of the hop topics in management right now – despite it has roots back to 2004 (and maybe even earlier than that). This is a great book (in Danish) about the subject, and you get introduced to both design work (which is so much more than pretty chairs and websites) and how to match it with the correct form of management.

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(The review is in Danish)